List of textile companies in china

Textile companies in china

Top 10 textile companies in China

China has the largest textile companies in the world with a major share in the global textile trade. China's textile industry grew in the later 20th century when the country specialized in cotton production and export. Although the industry has gone through a depression and a slow growth rate the overall industry is efficiently meeting the needs of the country and has a strong share in supplying fabric, textile, and apparel products to the international market. Many textile and apparel companies have a good customer standing among local and global customers due to their superior quality products that cater to customer needs in a unique way. Below is an analysis of China's leading textile companies ranked by statistics such as China Daily and Fortune China 500.

1. Shenzhou International Group Holdings Ltd.

Shenzhou International Group Holdings Ltd. engages in the production and sales of knitwear products. It offers customized fabrics, dyeing, finishing, printing, embroidery, cutting, sewing, and other fabric-related materials. It also provides packing and logistics services. The company was established on June 3, 2005, and is headquartered in Hong Kong. Shenzhou International says it is "China's largest vertically integrated knitwear manufacturer", and the country's largest knitwear exporter, with customers including Nike, Adidas, and Uniqlo. The chairman is Ma Jianrong, who started as a factory worker and became a billionaire.

2. Youngor Group Company Limited

Younger Group Company Limited is a public textile and apparel enterprise in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. It is engaged in designing, manufacturing, and selling apparel products under the brand "Youngor" for men's wear. Younger was founded in 1993, and it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1998. Youngor has primarily engaged in manufacturing apparel and textile products as well as property development. Its main products are suits, shirts, and casual wear under the brand name Youngor as well as knitwear. It also develops residential communities, villas, and commercial office buildings in Ningbo and Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, as well as Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. It conducts its business in domestic and foreign markets.

3. Hengli Group

Founded in 1994, Hengli Group is an international enterprise focusing on the complete production chain of oil refining, petrochemicals, polyester new materials, and textiles. With 120,000 employees, the group currently has one of the world's largest PTA plants, one of the world's largest functional fiber production bases as well as knitting enterprises, and has also built an "enterprise technology center" in China. In terms of corporate competitiveness and product brand value, Hengli Group has set records and ranks among industry leaders internationally. Hengli Group's total revenue in 2021 was RMB 732.3 billion (USD $116 billion) and ranked 75th in Fortune Global 500, 24th in Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, 3rd in China Private Enterprises, and 5th in China's Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises. The accolades awarded by the State Council to Hengli Group include the "National Science and Technology Progress Award" and the "National Advanced Employment Enterprise". Hengli Group was recognized as an "Environmentally Friendly Enterprise in China's Chemical Fiber Industry", "Advanced Group of the National Textile Industry", "Key Hi-Tech Enterprise under the National Torch Program", and "Exemplary Enterprise in National Intellectual Property Rights". , and "Advanced Unit in Establishing National Corporate Culture". Many of Hengli's products have won the titles of "China Well-known Trademark" and "National Customer Satisfaction Product".

4. Shangtex Holding Co Ltd

Shangtex Holding Co. Ltd is the leading textile industry in China. The company manufactures and distributes textile and fashion products such as home textiles, bags, luggage carriers, fabric, and garments to international markets. The company also manufactures for many famous brands like EY, Three Gun, Conch, etc. which the company sells at wholesale rates to retailers and sales partners worldwide. It is also licensed to global brands such as Walt Disney from the US and Bagutta from Italy. The company has been praised and awarded for its contribution to China's economy due to its wide range of products and use of high technology. The company originated in Shanghai Mechanical Weaving Bureau in 1878 and started its operations in 2001 after the merger of the two textile bureaus by the Chinese government took on its current portfolio. The company had revenue of $7.113 billion in 2013 which reached $7.5 billion in 2017. The company owns assets valued at $6.0 billion and has 58,000 employees with 40 shareholders and 190 affiliated companies and 454 subsidiaries.

5. Hua Jin Group

Hua Jin Group is an international group specializing in textile fabric manufacturing and trading in Hong Kong. Relying on the transformation of Shanxi Province's fabric foreign trade and upgrading the professional exhibition base, the group provides domestic and foreign customers with a variety of high-quality garments such as pure cotton, chemical fiber, Tencel, cotton polyester, etc. The environmental protection industry chain integrates weaving, printing, dyeing, waste heat power generation, fly ash-fired porous bricks, and wastewater treatment and reuse.

Hua Jin Group fabric production base - Xindeli factory now has internationally advanced production technology and equipment. Since its establishment, the Xindeli factory has been leading the same industry with its high quality, high efficiency, and high-quality business philosophy, relying on its strong strength of first-class technology, first-class equipment, and first-class quality, and has consistently ranked among the top ten in China.

6. Lu Thai Textile Group

Lu Thai Textile Group is a global high-grade yarn-dyed fabric manufacturer and an international first-class brand shirt manufacturer. It has a complete industrial chain from yarn spinning/dyeing/finishing/garment manufacturing and brand marketing. Its production and business performance operating results have always been at the forefront of China's textile industry, with an annual output of 220 million meters of yarn-dyed fabrics, 90 million meters of piece-dyed fabrics, and shirts. 30 million pieces.

7. Tex Hong Textile Group Limited

Texhong Textile Group Limited (HK 2678) was founded in 1997 by Mr. Hong Tianzhu. The group is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of quality yarns, grey fabrics, and garment fabrics, especially high-value-added core-spun yarns and fashion cotton textiles. Now it is one of the largest cotton textile suppliers in the world and a leading textile enterprise with a focus on manufacturing high-value-added core-spun cotton textile products. Since 1997, the group has grown rapidly and has more than 3,000 customers in China and abroad, with sales networks spanning the PRC, Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Bangladesh. With its sales headquarters located in Shanghai, the group operates 12 efficient manufacturing facilities in China (within the Yangtze River Delta) and a manufacturing base in Vietnam with a total production capacity of 2,160,000 spindles and 572 air-jet looms. With the corporate culture of "integrity, cooperation, innovation, excellence", the group has established its development strategy as professional, lean, and internationalization. While determined to become China's dominant and leading textile enterprise, the group has committed itself to maximize value for its shareholders, and customers and contributing to society.

8. Huafang Group

Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, Huafang Group is a textile-based, multi-faceted expanding large corporate enterprise, with total assets of 10 billion RMB and approximately 20,000 employees. It is now a national large enterprise as well as a key enterprise group in Jiangsu Province. The group takes textiles as its core business and operates cotton spinning, yarn-dyeing, weaving and dyeing, and wool spinning, weaving, and dyeing business units. It has also established large-scale textile industrial parks in Jiajin in Shandong Province, Shiheji in Xinjiang, Jiuwu in Henan Province, and Wuhe in Anhui Province. The group develops emerging industries and tertiary industries while making textiles strong and exquisite. Huafang has become a large-scale enterprise group with a clear competitive advantage in the textile industry, rapidly developing in multi-fields. The combination of centralization and decentralization, dual level management, the combination of responsibilities and benefits, payment by results, promoting the sustainable and efficient development of the enterprise, "The Huafang" brand has been awarded a "China Well-known Trademark".

List of textile companies in china

1          Waste2Wear




5          Hangzhou Saint Glory Home textile Co., Ltd

6          StockOn

7          GYJ Textile Co., Ltd.

8          KDC Textile Co. Ltd

9          Microfiber Cleaning -Korean Materials Co. Limited

10        Sample King

11        Fortemp Technology International Ltd.

12        NINGBO NACY IMP. & EXP. CO., LTD

13        Zhejiang Samsung Down Co., Ltd

14        Shanghai Modacrylic Flame Retardant Textiles Co., Ltd.

15        Linghai Xinyuan Extra Wide Flax Textile Co., Ltd

16        RECYCTEX CO., LTD.

17        Eton Global

18        Beijing PFM Screen Trading Co., Ltd

19        Nantong Becket New Material Co. Ltd

20        De Moon Living

21        Pioneer Technical Textile (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

22        Shijiazhuang Tangju Trading Co., ltd

23        Be connected World

24        Saintyol Sports Co., Ltd (SYSTURF)

25        SOYANG

26        Dongguan Zhicheng Fiber Products Co., Ltd.

27        Hangzhou Tianzi Household Textile Co., Ltd

28        Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd

29        Hubei Season Textile CO.LTD

30        Sunshine Nonwoven Fabric CO., LTD


32        Shenzhen Zhaowen Textile Clothing Co., Ltd.


34        Hubei Jiezhixin Textiles Import&Export CO., LTD

35        Beijing Tongyizhong New Material Technology Corporation

36        SAFETY-INXS ™

37        Jiangsu VEIK Technology & Materials Co., Ltd.

38        VOXFLOR

39        Weifang Xinfeng Textiles Co., Ltd

40        SRO GROUP

41        GRANDHOME Group

42        Bombyx

43        Tuntex

44        Texhong Knitting Ltd

45        Sateri

46        CSJ Filter

47        Hangzhou Nbond Nonwovens Co., Ltd

48        Zhejiang Shengli Down Products Co., Ltd

49        Beijing Soonercleaning Technology Co Ltd

50        Quanzhou Twinkling Star Handbag Co., Ltd

51        handkerchief


53        Concept Manufacturing Inc.

54        Vivaturf

55        Weyes Clothing

56        J-Long Ltd.

57        Mo Sheng


59        Shanghai Broadway Int'l Trading Corp.


61        Valutech nonwoven solutions

62        Guangzhou Vaiano Textiles Co., Ltd.

63        Hangzhou Lake Melan Home Textiles Co., Ltd.


65        MKALOU for Ready Made Garments

66        Sing-rui Leather

67        EYE FOR YOU

68        Ultra-Tex

69        Shaoxing City Skyingrace Import and Export Co., Ltd

70        SPINEXPO™

71        G&F GROUP INC.

72        Tongxiang Fengl├╝ Hometextile Company LTD.

73        IMPACCT Co Ltd


75        Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co. Ltd

76        Dragon Crowd Garment Inc


78        ZheJiang Springair Textile Group CO, LTD


80        Hua Feng Textile Group

81        Jiangsu Lugang Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

82        Prosperity Textile

83        POLYSTAR (TIANJIN) Group

84        Jiangsu Sunshine Group

85        KORRUN GROUP


87        Zhejiang Xinjian Textile Inc.Ltd

88        Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co., Ltd

89        Lu Thai Textile Co., Ltd

90        Yiwu Huading Nylon Co., Ltd.


92        Emmanuel

93        Shenzhou International Group Holdings Ltd

94        Luolai Home Textile Co., Ltd

95        Huafu Top Dyed Melange Yarn Co., Ltd


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